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With the launch of the Paradox, Track set the new standard in ball motion for the bowling industry. The Paradox created unexplainable hook and power on the lanes which quickly turned heads. In creating the Paradox Pearl, we have focused on maintaining the aggressiveness in the mid-lane, while enhancing the motion at the back end. With the launch of the Paradox Pearl, Track is making the impossible possible. 

The i-Core 2.0

The birth of the i-Core brought Track back to the forefront of the industry in revolutionary core design. The i-Core 2.0 was a tweak in design to increase the overall flare potential by almost 20%. This larger flare potential is one of the main components in the Paradox's ability to create such unique ball motion. 

QR-9 Pearl

To create a stronger motion at the back end. we've switched to our QR-9 Pearl veneer with a polished Clean n' Sheen finish. This lightly polished finish leaves enough texture on our QR-9 Pearl cover to allow the Paradox Pearl to excel on medium to heavy oil patterns. 


ColorPurple Pearl (Actual ball color may vary)
CoverstockQR-9 Pearl
Finish500/1000 Abralon Polished w/ Powerhouse Clean N' Sheen
Inter Differential.015
Lane ConditionMedium - Heavy Oil
RG16#2.49, 15#-2.48, 14#-2.52, 13#-2.53, 12#-2.60
RG Differencial16#-0.049, 15#-0.057, 14#0.055, 13#-0.055, 12#0.039

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